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Angels and Dragons and Unicorns and Sparks

(Hey, everyone! Sorry for the gap in posts. Been sick and we went under contract for a house! Now we’re suffering from oh-crap syndrome. Oh crap, now we’ll have a yard. Oh crap, now we need to trim trees. Oh crap, now we need to buy tools…..ect.


The first time I opened Walking on Water by Madeleine L’Engle I promptly closed it and shoved it back on my mother’s bookshelf, with all the “forbidden” books (including all her marriage, Your Teen In Puberty, and *gasp* sex books).

The second time I opened Walking on Water, I was a senior on the bus on my way back from a church trip to Mexico. And I fell in love, especially with this quote:

“The artist, if he is not to forget how to listen, must retain the vision which includes angels and dragons and unicorns, and all the lovely creatures which our world would put in a box marked Children Only.”

Angels and dragons and unicorns! There’s a spark in those words. Can you feel it? It’s a roar of possibility, a soaring sense of anything-is-possible.Unicorn_Dragon

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