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F: Fear of failure #AtoZChallenge

FRecently, I spent a week talking about fear, the fear of the blank page and a quote about the fear of being wrong. So when the letter “F” came up, fear was fresh on my mind.

crumpled paperI’ve always been the person who’s willing to try something new. Learn how to play soccer? Sure. How about pick up guitar? Yeah. DIY this old window into an accent piece? Let’s do it. Try my hand at charcoals? Why the heck not?

Failure doesn’t bother me.

Until you ask me to write.

Then failing can terrify me.

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Live the Creative Life: Free Chalkboard Sign

Following my last post on facing the fear of the blank/white page, I thought it fitting to giveaway this chalkboard sign:

the_creative_lifeI tried to make this one a little more gender neutral. I promise to make a more masculine sign! I will succeed! Again, this is free to whomever wants it. I have a slightly bigger size, so holler if you want that one. (Well, maybe not literally. Sound doesn’t travel through my computer pixels as of this decade. Unless you record it. But I digress.)

Creativity is not about being right or wrong.

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I want YOUR ideas!

photo found here:

Hello everyone!

I’ve been looking over blog posts I’ve done for the past year and realized something.

I’m getting bored.

While this normally is a death sentence for dust bunnies lurking in my hallway, I’d love to take this next year to share more of what’s on my mind with you guys and see how it goes. I would’ve done this sooner, but I was afraid you guys might balk.

However, I don’t want fear to be the reason why I don’t try something. I refuse to be controlled by it.

I’m thinking about posting:

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