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Paintings of late

Hello all! I’ve had a run of bad migraines lately, so I’ve been holed up in my art loft to paint in between ice packs and some great Middle Grade novels on audio. This has been my view:

IMG_2689(1)I know.

And I just caught the booger butt trying to eat molding paste off of my triptych canvases.

Anyway, I might share what I’d been working on of late.

This one is watercolor and ink on yupo. I listened to Lauren DeStefano’s The Curious Tale of the In-Between (which is bloody fantastic and perfect for a shivery October read):


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How the Milky Way Makes You Feel Alive

Milky Way

I’ve always wanted to paint the Milky Way. So when Michaels had a crazy canvas sale and I found this goodie for half-price, I knew I had my chance to paint it.

We spent an entire afternoon scraping paint out of our faux-wood floors after I finished flinging stars. (In my defense, not all of it was my mess. A massive glop or three belonged to the hubster.)

I felt so alive when I plopped in front of the starry canvas.

Why do I bring this up?

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