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L is for L’Engle #AtoZChallenge

L I fell in love with Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time when I was a kid. Up until then I read mostly historical fiction (Thank you, American Girls books . . .) and Nancy Drew. The idea of interplanetary travel was new and I didn’t so much read as inhaled the series.

Madeleine_L'EngleI didn’t pick up L’Engle’s work again until my senior year in high school, when I read Walking on Water on a sweaty stank-tomb of a bus on my way back from Mexico.

You know when you sink into a hot tub on a frigid winter night? At first your entire body screams H*** NO!! But then the pain subsides and your muscles relax like ice cream melting on hot concrete during a Californian 4th of July. It’s a giant hug from the tub.

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I: Free Galaxy Social Media Icon Giveaway #AtoZChallenge


II is for icons….but not just any icons. Galaxy icons! I used one of my watercolor paintings to create galaxy social media icons:

Free_Galaxy_Social_Media_IconsThis set includes the Amazon, Blogger, Email Contact, Facebook, Flicker, Goodreads, Youtube, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, RSS, Tumbler, Twitter Bird, WordPress, and the Twitter “t” (not pictured) icon in a 80×80, 60×60, 50×50, and 40×40 px size. They come in a .png format.

They are free for anybody who wants them.

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