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Hi there! 

When I first started writing, I didn’t know if it was possible to write and be sick at the same time. I scoured the internet looking for other authors who also have chronic illness. I found—not many. There’s a reason for that. It’s a hard road. And there’s no handbook.

One of my favorite things to do as an author is talk to other people, especially other creative people, especially especially other creative people with chronic illness. I realized a lot of the “creative career” advice doesn’t work for someone with a chronic illness. In talking with others (it’s like a mini party when you find someone else who *gets* it, right?), I quickly realized others had the same experience. So I did my best to compile questions I’ve been asked (and asked myself), but answered from the perspective of someone with a chronic illness. 

I did this because I think we need to have these conversations, but it’s hard for me to talk with everyone I want and get my writing done. (#Spoonielife). 

Some of the answers I give might not want to be the answers you want to hear. Some of them are very counter-cultural. I wrestled with everything. You won’t find cliches here.

You’re probably wondering, but I have status/chronic migraine, on top of a host of other migraine-types. It’s an invisible disabling chronic illness—so my answers will come from that background. Since I’m an author, I’ll be mainly taking about that field. I also come from a mystic Judeo-Christian background, my answers will reflect that. Take what you want. Tweak or ditch what you don’t.

If you want me to answer other questions, please reach out and I’ll add it, when I can.

Hope this helps!



MIGRAINE INFO IN GENERAL: (under construction)

HAVING A LOVED ONE WITH MIGRAINE: (under construction)



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