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P is for Patience in Watercolor and Writing #AtoZChallenge

PIf you’ve ever tried to pick up watercolor only to shake your fist at the ceiling lightbulbs screaming “I DEFY YOU UNIVERSE!” because, once again, your painting has been foiled and your paintbrush is permanently embedded in the far wall . . . chances are you’ve run into the key ingredient needed for successful watercolor paintings:


This is a watercolor piece in progress I started last week
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N is for Nebula Watercolor Paintings

NOne of my most favorite subjects to paint are nebulas. I love their color variety and shocking etheral quality. You never know what a nebula will look like–anything is possible. They bring my imagination to life and inspire me like nothing else.

I thought for “N” I’d share a couple nebulas I painted recently:

Nebula III in mixed mediaThe above nebula is done in mainly watercolor. Some of the stars are acrylic. The nebulas below are completely watercolor. The last one I’m toying with slicing into 2 smaller paintings.

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I: Free Galaxy Social Media Icon Giveaway #AtoZChallenge


II is for icons….but not just any icons. Galaxy icons! I used one of my watercolor paintings to create galaxy social media icons:

Free_Galaxy_Social_Media_IconsThis set includes the Amazon, Blogger, Email Contact, Facebook, Flicker, Goodreads, Youtube, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, RSS, Tumbler, Twitter Bird, WordPress, and the Twitter “t” (not pictured) icon in a 80×80, 60×60, 50×50, and 40×40 px size. They come in a .png format.

They are free for anybody who wants them.

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