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The Intersection of Migraine, Art, and Faith: A Memoir

You don’t have to walk this path alone.

Ancient Egyptians treated migraine by tying clay crocodiles to the forehead. The Victorians solved migraine by having doctors drill holes into their loved one’s skulls. Today, the Migraine Research Foundation says migraine is currently the sixth most disabling illness in the entire world, affecting over 9 million men and 28 million women in the US alone.

Abby J. Reed is one of them.

She is also an artist, a writer, and a woman of faith. Looking at the space where faith, art, and pain intersect, Reed interweaves vignettes to share how having chronic intractable migraine impacts both her Christian faith and art during a ten-year journey to find healing for the never-ending pounding in her head.

From intercessory prayer to Netflix binges to spending weeks in an intensive in-patient clinic, all while working on her art, sometimes true healing looks different from what we imagined.

THE COLOR OF PAIN is a brave, brutally honest and luminous memoir for fans of Jaouad’s Between Two Kingdoms and Peterson’s Adorning the Dark.


available in ebook and paperback

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