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a short story series for fans of  sci-fi adventure about a circus set in space. A quick 30 min read with a twist!


Spotlight #1

One chance to win and change her destiny . . .

Atlana lives a second-rate life on a second-rate starship in a second-rate part of the galaxy. Her days consist of paying off her mother’s debt on the Cirque Magnifique, from shoveling challa refuse for engine fuel and manning the spotlight for the circus performers. All she wants is to leave her second-rate life behind and finally step into the spotlight.

When the Cirque Magnifique is invited to join the prestigious Tour, a massive circus conglomeration, an accident takes out one of the competitors vying for a prime spot. Now Atlanta has one chance to prove she doesn’t belong in the shadows. If she wins the competition and earns a spot on The Tour, she can finally pay off her mother’s debt and change her life. But others are willing to do whatever it takes to fill the spot.

Atlanta must decide who to trust and how far she’s willing to go in order to step into the spotlight.


available in ebook now


Spotlight #2

I know your secret . . .

Atlana has it all: A steady position on a new circus starship, respect for her work as an illusionist, even friends. Everything she didn’t have while in the shadows as an indentured servant on theCirque Magnifique.

And then the note arrives: Somebody knows her secret. Somebody knows the truth about what happened to the Cirque Magnifique. Somebody willing to expose her unless she gives into their demands.

Atlana has one chance to find her blackmailer and stop them, before her secret is outed and the spotlight she worked so hard for is stripped away and she is thrown back into the shadows forever.


available in ebook now

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