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Happy book birthday to ME! I’m excited to officially announce I have another book baby out in the world!!

You can read the next installment in the Stars Fall Circle here.

This cake seemed pretty springy to me. And it’s blue. Which matched my cover-ish.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a second and, ahem, update my blog, but also thank everyone for being on this journey. I wrote the first draft of WHEN DREAMERS FALL the summer before book 1 came out. So, that would be . . . three years ago? Four? Honestly, it’s been so long, my mind has gone numb.

I don’t know if all book 2’s are like this, but seriously, this one almost killed me. I did at least three major re-writes. Not, tinker with a sentence here or there. But major, tear it apart and stitch it back together overhauling. This story took a direction I wasn’t expecting. Characters behaved in other ways than I had planned. Themes I hadn’t planned emerged and because true themes. Between this wreck of a book and migraines, well, there were days I sat there wondering if I’d ever finish.

What’s crazy is that I can honestly say that, so far, every word of this series has been written during a migraine. I don’t think anyone can be shocked more than me about this. So, not only am I proud for writing a sophomore novel, but I’m DOUBLY proud for having done it in such circumstances. I’m either insane or love this writing thing way too much to be healthy.

Maybe I straddle the line a wee bit.

And yet I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed writing it so much if it was easy. I like figuring out hard problems. It keeps my brain sharp. And I truly believe the story is right where it needs to be.

So, thank you all so much for joining me on this bookish adventure. I hope something in Breaker’s journey connects with you.



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