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It’s true!! WPF is getting siblings!!*

I’m so happy and thrilled and excited to announce there will be not one but two more books in the Stars Fall Circle!

*insert screaming and flailing and all sorts of sugary things*

Thank you all so much for supporting me enough to make this happen! Truly, readers are what make book dreams come true. There’s always a good chance a publisher drops you after the first book . . . and the series doesn’t happen. Or, something else happens and they don’t sign you on for the rest of the series. (and if you’re wondering why authors never finish a series…that’s why. Not their fault.) This happens way more than you realize.

But BAM!! not this time!!

See how official it all looks on Publishers Marketplace??

I must say. I could really get used to seeing my name in print 🙂

here’s me signing TWO more contracts!! It was not the best of hair days, so focus on the enormous smile, not the wayward hair.


I’m currently revising Book 2. If you’re wondering why my blog posting has slowed to, well, basically I’m turtle-ing, it’s because all my energy has been going into Book 2 for you.

I finally swept the manuscript off my dining room table, where it was laid out like an autopsy gone wrong, and finagled it into some sort of organized revision plan. It’s seriously been the hardest book I’ve ever done. I’ve gutted my outline for the series probably 3 or 4 times. Gutted this book several times too. And sometimes it still feels like I’m grabbing at a cloud.

Which is good news for you, because this means you have no idea what’s coming next. *evil author laugh*

We don’t have an official release date yet, or a pre-order yet, but as soon I know, trust me, I’ll be shouting it to the stars (though, my newsletter peeps will know first. Perks of being a subscriber.) We do have a couple of potential titles, but that’ll be a secret for now 🙂

Thanks so much for rooting for me! <3

If you’re interested in winning a copy of WHEN PLANETS FALL, there’s a giveaway happening on Goodreads right now!

*if you didn’t understand the picture, this does not mean we’re pregnant with twins. (Sorry, Mom.) This is a subtle poke at all the pregnancy announcements and I want credit for incubating my book babies for so long.

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