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WHEN PLANETS FALL releases today!!

It’s today!! It’s today!! It’s today!!

is in the world today!! My book baby is heeerrrreeee!!!

Happy book birthday to me. Happy book birthday to meeeeeeeee.

I’m so excited. And totally celebrating with cupcakes and sushi.

I honestly don’t know what to say for this post. It’s one I’ve waited for for so long, but I never thought through what I’d say. I guess: thank you so much for being on this journey with me. Thanks for loving books. And thanks for giving me a chance.

Also: WE DID IT, CHRONIC MIGRAINE!! Without you, I probably would never have gotten this book published. You taught me how not to give up and how to understand other people better. It’s really affirming knowing despite your clinging pain, I can still accomplish my dreams. I can still give back to the world in my own way.

I do not, however, give you credit for my stubbornness or the inner drive needed to write and publish a book. That’s genetically all mine. My family can vouch for this.

If anybody wishes to join in the reading fun, or just want to help me in my chronic-migraine-you-have-not-defeated-me victory dance, you can buy it here on Amazon or here on Barnes & Noble.

Thank you all!!!

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