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WHEN PLANETS FALL COVER REVEAL! And giveaway!! #inkripples

Giveaway winner is Jennifer H.! (I’ll contact you via FB)

Today I get to reveal the WHEN PLANETS FALL cover!!  *Screams, flails, panics, ect.* And since I decided to blog along with Ink Ripples blog themes (thanks Katie, Kai, and Mary for letting me join!), and the January theme is book covers… the stars must’ve aligned for a giveaway!!

Guys. I am so excited. (all you newsletter subscribers have already seen this 😉 )


Isn’t it gorgeous!!???
I’m freaking out. Look at the hints of green, the asteroid, the black wing, the hint of stars, the planet!!! Ugh.

I’m so happy and proud and there were definite tears when I opened my inbox. I’m going to print it in high-res, sign it, and hang it on my wall above my bookshelves.

So, what’s so important about covers? Why get so excited about it? (besides suddenly having a face to your book).

Creativity is like the Amish starter bread you got while in school. You have an idea loaf, add to it, eat it, then pass it on for somebody else to make something new from it. Then they pass it on and the cycle continues. That’s why I didn’t even consider trying to make my own cover (even if I self-pubbed, I would’ve hired out). I want to share my loaf with as many people I can get and continue the cycle of creativity in every way possible.

Which is why I loved loved loved having somebody else create a cover for me. I really wanted to see what type of loaf the artist came up with. And now that I’ve seen it, my own loaf has gotten bigger, and I have new ideas.

So, to celebrate my cover and to continue the cycle of creativity, I want to do a giveaway. You can win the handwritten opening lines of WHEN PLANETS FALL on a card created by a Soceity6 artist! (see how we are continuing the cycle there?)

Here are the 3 cards:

So, how to be one of the 3 winners who gets one of these cards and supports an artist:

(newsletter subscribers already were entered and have a chance to win their own card 🙂 )

3 different ways:

  1. Leave a comment and/or repost this blog. You’ll be entered for each. (I’ll include FB entries here since I sometimes have crossover).
  2. Retweet the cover (handle: abbyjreed), you’ll be entered. (if you interact with the #InkRipples convo online during this giveaway time, you’ll be entered a second time).
  3. Follow my Instagram account (@abbyjreed) and tag a friend on the corresponding giveaway post, you’ll be entered.

AND, a bonus entry if you add WHEN PLANETS FALL to Goodreads! Just mention in a comment or tweet that you did! I’ll be keeping track.


Giveaway is open until 1/15. I’ll be keeping track of entries through then!

Keep that creativity loaf going!!

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  1. That is STUNNING!!!! How exciting. The cards are really cool too. Love everything about this post. Thanks for joining us 🙂

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