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Diversify Your Dreams

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Hi guys! Sorry for the abrupt and long leave of absence. This fall was chock full of migrainy days. Between upping my word count for my new book project and writing a blog post, I picked the book. But hopefully you will one day be able to hold the result of my decision 🙂

I feel a little like a backwards bear. Instead of coming out of my hibernation cave into spring, I’ve emerged into snow! My hot chocolate supply needs restocking.

Anyway, I’ve read a bunch of books during these don’t-even-think-about-leaving-the-confines-of-your-bed days. Somewhere in the hundreds of pages I discovered a quote. (Don’t bother asking what it was exactly. That got lost between renewing fresh ice packs.) The quote was about having many dreams so that you can have more than one dream come true.

We don’t have to settle for just one Disney dream. *cue music and fairy dust*

The saying reminded me of what my dad said to me growing up: Diversify yourself. He was always very good at encouraging me to not limit myself. Never played soccer before? So What! Try out for the team anyway. You know what college classes you like, try something new. Branch out.

Now I think–

diversify your dreams.

I like that.

I don’t have to have one dream. I can have many. I have my dream of a publishing career. But I also have my dream of composing my own music album, of learning the guitar and learning to play both a left and right handed guitar. Then there’s all my painting dreams. Of having a home that feels safe and welcoming to others. Of finding a gluten-free Ghirardelli triple chocolate brownie substitute that tastes just as good. Of growing and making my own teas. And more.

Today, I couldn’t work on my writing and spent a good chunk of the day taking a nap to chase away the edges of a migraine.

I didn’t have energy to work on editing, but I could start cleaning out our junk room for Thanksgiving (you know, the one you end up dumping odds and ends and I’ll-deal-with-that-later projects into). That fits into my “safe and welcoming home” dream category. I want my friends to have a nice place to stay and not have to worry about wayward canvases, stacks of watercolor paintings, and old apartment riffraff fall on them. And, it forces me organize my art loft, which fits into my painting dream category.

If I had only my writing/publishing dream, today would’ve been another got-nothing-done suck day.

But since I have more than one dream . . . Today was a pretty good day.

Do you have more than one dream? What are they?

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