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Wise Words from musician Autumn Sky Hall

My DGH and I just got back from a week long “staycation.” And it was horrible.

Not even 24 hours into our getaway, does a flash flood run through our neighborhood and decide to party in our basement. The entire week was dealing with drying out drywall, removing baseboards, water squelching beneath our feet, and way way way too much stress.

Yeah. Worst vacation ever.

However, we still tried to unplug from technology for the week (minus our Arrow binge-a-thon). That’s when I noticed just how much I struggle with turning off my brain. I want to keep ahead on reading. I want to know what’s coming out when in the market. Am I creating enough? Is what I creative good enough? And all this on top of the flood? breathebreathebreathebreathe.
Creativity_is_not_a_competitionEnter stony face.

I want to get better at this–remembering that creativity is not a competition. From there, it’s uber easy to slip into comparison mode from. We are all trying to create something beautiful. How you get there doesn’t matter–whether you complete it as a 5k or as a marathon. What matters is finishing.

As soon as I remember this and take myself off the creativity race clock, the pressure of  lifts. I can finally breathe again. And I could spend the last hours of our staycation stress free and flood free.

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