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Art Reflection for Advent: Week 4

(If you’re new, I had created a set of graphics for my church and thought I’d reuse them here. You can see Week 1, 2, and 3 here.)

Last one in this series!

Down in a lowly manger/ Our humble Christ was born/ And God send us salvation,/ That blessed Christmas morn:/ Go, Tell It On The Mountain,/ Over the hills and everywhere;/ Go, Tell It On The Mountain/ That Jesus Christ is born.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year and not because of the presents. (Okay, I lied. A lot because of the presents. I just really like them, both receiving and giving.)

But I love the air of hope the season brings. Because of Christ’s birth we have hope cheery yuletide hope and shopping sales. But also because of Christ’s birth:

I have hope that one day chronic migraine will be healed.
I have hope that I can live a fulfilling life, no matter the state of healthiness.
I have hope that any injustice, any hurt, any wrong done will be righted and there’ll be justice.
I have hope that one day I’ll sell my book(s). (Granted….I’d appreciate it if this hope came sooner than later)
I have hope that I will continue growing with painting
I have hope that I will also continue growing in creativity.

What do you hope for?

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