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How did YOU do during NaNoWriMo? (I won!…By cheating)

NaNo is officially over! Hooray! Writers around the world are slumped over their keyboards, hyperventilating from the last effort push, with week-old coffee mugs and take out tipped over.

Did you make your goals?

I made my top three NaNo Rebel goals!

  1. Finish line editing RBRP (Luka’s POV and moving hard copy edits into word doc)
  2. Finish sending to readers and incorporate feedback, as much as I can
  3. 1-2 blog posts a week (The Advent post yesterday still counted!)

But……I have a small confession to make.

Original photo found here:

I cheated.

Original photo found here:

I really really REALLY wanted to win this year…and when halfway through, I realized I wasn’t going to make it without some help.

So I asked for help.

I split my manuscript and gave half of my manuscript to my mother to import line edits while my husband and I tackled the other half. And let me tell you, this Thanksgiving I was grateful for OneDrive (it’s like Google Docs).

Together, we imported those line edits in a week in what would’ve taken me three to four weeks by myself. I wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise.

And here’s another confession:

I don’t feel an iota of guilt. Nope. Nada. Nothing.

And I don’t think I should. I may have cheated, but I recognized I needed help and I asked for it. Which, for me, is always a win. The job still got done. Which is also the most important part.

It puts me one step closer to winning the even bigger prize 🙂

Did you win NaNo? Did you cheat like me? Do you feel guilty?

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