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Wise Words from Vincent van Gogh

Short and sweet post for you today 🙂 Here’s another quote I found and fell in love with. It could easily be a theme quote for the manuscript I’m editing right now:

Original photo found here:

Does the quote speak to you? Why or why not?

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  1. It makes me feel sad that van Gogh felt that he could know nothing with any certainty. I’d like to think that the stars (and all of Creation, really) are one of God’s many messages to us, telling us the opposite: that He is something we can always count on, with all certainty! (Beautiful graphic, by the way – thanks for sharing this quote!)

    1. good point. I didn’t even think of the quote in terms of that, but I certainly agree with you. I would imagine not knowing anything for certain would create a very lonely life for van Gogh. But I wonder how much this quote was influenced by his mental illness? (just wikied him….did you know he apparently wanted to be a pastor/missionary at one point? fascinating.)

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