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How to build a ship

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I’ve been on a quote finding streak of late. This is another one I fell in love with. It speaks of the power of dreams. When a powerful dream pushes us forward, we can do anything. We can build a boat. We can write a book, finish a painting series, create our own furniture. Make a living doing a dreams.

Anything is possible!

Thee hard part comes in identifying those bigger dreams. Yes, we want to create paintings the worlds will gawk at, but why? Why do we write until our eyeballs bleed? Why, why, why?

I’m still trying to nail down my why.

But I do know whenever I create, I feel as though I am contributing to the bigger picture. (Awfully vague, I know, but feelings can be vague.) I feel as though this is my way of contributing good to the world, of fighting against injustice, of speaking against wrongs. This is my way of making the cosmos tick toward whatever end is planned for it.

I feel creating is my contribution and my giving is valuable (I feel all our parts are valuable, but that’s another blog post 🙂 ).

What dream is pushing you forward?

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  1. I think I create partly to know that I have produced something no-one else ever could have. To preserve a little piece of uniqueness to mark my place in the huge great scheme of things. Whether or not anyone ever reads my writing is irrelevant – it’s there, I made it, it exists.

    1. ooo. I like that. “preserve a little piece of uniqueness” I like how it’s not dependent on anybody else noticing it. I think that would take off the pressure to perform and let you work more freely.

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