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#AtoZChallenge Reflection (and a cartoon yak)

I feel like the kid who collapses at the end of the race and has to lie there hyperventilating for an hour before he can move again. Now that I’ve had a week-long gap of breathing room after the A to Z Challenge has finished, I can actually get up and go snag my victory ice cream cone. (Your victory cone is the much asked for yak :D. I named him Yiddie.)A-to-Z Reflection

When my CP (critique partner) first suggested I do it, my eyes bulged all goldfish-like out of my head. 26 posts for each letter of the alphabet in one month?? And I only had a four day head start before the month of April began.

But I’m glad I did it.

I met several new people and discovered new blogs, reconnected with others (hi Emy! *waves*), gained new followers, and further uncovered my voice. Which, as a writer, is always a good thing.

I don’t think I would’ve made it if not for the handy dandy ‘schedule’ button. One day in and my hubby’s minor-surgery decided to have major complications that lasted for a week, and took me another to recoop from. Then during the final weekend, I spent a fantabulous couple days at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference.

Because of these curve balls, I wasn’t able to visit as many blogs as frequently as I would’ve liked, so I don’t think I was able to glean the maximum potential from it. But that’s life, and I’m happy with what I did gain.

[Needless to say . . . where can I find a ‘schedule’ button for life?? (Went to the store twice last week? The extra trip will count for the week you don’t go at all.)]

I’m not sure if I’ll do it again next year unless I write all the posts way way ahead of time. If I do, I might try an A to Z theme around a certain topic, like my current book-in-progress.

Now for that ice cream cone . . . Meet my friend Yiddie the Yak:yak

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  1. Yiddie is adorable! I’d love a schedule button for life as well but being the procrastinator I am I don’t think I would use it all that often. Or wait what are the rules for such a button for daily life?

    1. The rules are…. whenever you know you have to do something in the future, but do it ahead of time in preparation, you hit the schedule and it counts. So if I know I have to make the bed next week for my in-laws visit, I can make/re-make my bed 7 times today and hit the schedule button each time and it counts for when they come. So when I get out bed next week, my bed will automatically be made :D. (Just like a blog post!)

  2. You’ve learnt the hard way – get them all done way ahead of time lol! I’m glad I’ve met you through the challenge – good luck next year.
    Where’s the ice cream?

    1. Glad to meet you too!! Right?? Never again! Next year- maybe I’ll do a series all on ice cream flavors… Which means I’ll have to test them all 😀

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