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Z: is for Z-boy (aka: how I knew writing would always be in my life) #AtoZchallenge

ZOnce upon a time there was a Girl with rainbows in her hair. This Girl liked a boy whose name began with a Z. A lot. Z-boy did not live in happily ever after. He did not live in a fancy-pants castle or drive a white stallion, and his thundercloud eyes leaked a darkness that surrounded him.angel_wingsThis Girl wanted to show Z-boy hope could still exist in his life despite the darkness. She wrote him a story with an alternative Z-boy as the main character. She wrote him redemption at the end.

And gave it to him.

Z-boy didn’t like the story. He wrote a letter with poison words to shred her skin. She bled for months. This Girl waded through the blood to explain the story and ask if Z-boy meant to cause so much pain. He did. They were no longer friends.

Despite the poison, This Girl had never done anything that had given her so much joy, so much purpose. Instead of healing back to normal, from her shredded skin grew a set of colorful wings to match her rainbow hair. This Girl knew writing would always be in her life after this.

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