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W: is for DOCTOR WHO #AtoZChallenge

WWhat can be better for W than Doctor Who??

(If you’re not familiar with Doctor Who: The Doctor is a humaniod alien called a Time Lord who travels throughout all space and time battling evil and making sure events happens as they’re supposed to. Here’s the kicker–whenever he’s about to die, he can regenerate into a new body. So every couple seasons there’s a new Doctor.)

(this is the TARDIS, his time machine) wallpaper found here:

Here is proof of my fandom: I have TARDIS knee-socks, a sonic, a computer TARDIS that wiggle wobbles, Randy has a DON’T BLINK shirt, and I am dying to get a Time Lord sweatshirt. I have high hopes for Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor.

I love the creativity in each episode. You never know what you’re going to get. A planet whose entire population has been stuck in a traffic jam for the last 50 years? Farting aliens disguised in zip-up human costumes? Creatures who you forget exist whenever you look away from them?

I love how the characters grow. The Doctors isn’t perfect and works through the flaws in his nature through each season, just like a normal person. His companions (the people who travel with him) also have their own issues to work through.

I love how each episode fits into the story of the bigger plot. So even though each episode is dynamic and different, each season builds toward it’s own climatic story, and each season builds toward the story of each doctor.

*Sigh* In love . . . .

Are you a Who fan? Why or why not?

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  1. I have heard so much about Doctor Who but I must admit that I haven’t watched it yet. I guess I’m a bit intimidated? I don’t know why really. I’d have to watch every season including the old shows because that’s what I’m like. I can’t start from the latest season I need to know how it all began…

    1. IT’S SO WORTH WATCHING! lol, if you insist on watching the oldies, you’re more than welcome to. I haven’t yet. You’ll have to tell me how they are! (If you don’t like the doctor in season 1, 2008, it’s ok… stretch your chance out a little longer until season 2. It gets better ๐Ÿ™‚ )

      1. thanks for the tips. Maybe I’ll watch some at the end of the summer. I do love what I’ve seen of the Whovian fandom and wouldn’t mind being a part of it =P

  2. Yes, big New Whovian. I kept looking behind myself for Silence after ‘Day of the Moon’ came out, and I loved the big reveal moment at the end of Utopia! Looking forward to seeing what Capaldi can do with the part.

    1. Right?? I think that’s half the reason I keep 5 pens in my purse, not so I can jot down plot ideas but in case the Silence shows up and I need to be prepared….

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