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M is for Mrs. Williams #AtoZChallenge


Mrs. Williams


Mrs. Williams taught all the fun subjects (writing and not-math and almost-time-to-go-home) in the afternoon during fifth grade. Mrs. Williams was the first author I ever met. She’d stand in front of class, grinning grinning grinning, waving arms faster than a propeller—and if all authors had fun like this, authors were cool.


I wrote my first book in her class. All fifth graders wrote and illustrated their own books to be on display in the elementary library. I believe the requirement was ten pages. Mine was around twenty-five. Most kids wrote about a pony or their family. Mine was about a special agent who leapt off buildings and traveled to Africa and discovered a massive diamond. Mrs. Williams taught me writing is fun.

Mrs. Haley, ME in 5th grade, Mrs. Williams

On future Back-to-School nights, I always made sure to stop by Mrs. Williams’ room to tell her of my writing progress. Whether scribbled never-completed fairy tales about twins (I went through a twin-envy faze at age eleven), or placing second in a junior high poetry contest, or writing articles for the high school newspaper, Mrs. Williams always encouraged me to keep going.

Though I haven’t spoken to her in a while, I never would’ve discovered writing without her presence in my life.

Thank you, Mrs. Williams, for showing me the world of words.

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  1. For me, that teacher was my 7th grade Language Arts teacher. Our requirement was 2 pages every week in our “writer’s notebook” but if we wrote more, we would get extra credit! I wrote more like 10 pages a week and ended up maxing out my extra credit for the class! (oops!) So I can definitely relate to how you more than doubled your length requirement, too!

    Michelle @ In Media Res

    1. awww… a writer’s notebook! That’s so cute! Way to go teacher! We had something like that in my writing classes in college. No required pages though, it was all world building and character-planning..stuff like that.

  2. Hi Abby,
    You made my day. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I’m still doing the pen name stories and other fun things to give little “pushes” to writers. (Just like my fifth grade teacher did to me.) And yes, this year I have a few kids who write 25 pages instead of 10. 🙂 I had fun exploring your website. When you get your book finished, I’d love to read it.
    Mrs. Williams

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