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K: A Kathryn Craft Post “The Writer’s Spirit is Forged in Fire” #AtoZChallenge

KI look forward to each Writers in the Storm post. They are always insightful and encouraging, whether you are new to novel-forging or have written twenty. Kathryn Craft (author of The Art of Falling) has a guest post  series on the site about Turning Whine into Gold. I loved this post of hers (especially the first line. I could ruminate on it for a week.) and thought you might gain something from it too:

kathryncraftLast week I had to un-friend someone on Facebook for violating my right to pursue happiness. [Abby here–isn’t this a fantastic thought?]

I can only assume he’s had enough of reading about the growing excitement for my debut novel, coming out in two short months now. Perhaps, after years of trading a time card for money, he can’t relate to what I’ve given up to chase this dream for more than a decade, and how I feel to see it come true. It’s only a book, he may be thinking. What’s the big freaking deal?

I don’t need to explain it to you. You’re a writer.

But under a business promotion for my blog post about a new organizing strategy, sorely needed now that my life has gotten crazy-busy, this man wrote, “Just go get a job!” and “Earn your own money and quit being a leech!”

It’s a head-scratcher. I have always made money from writing-related businesses, paid my taxes, and have never asked for a dime from him. But clearly, I can’t let him write such things on my Facebook feed—even if he is my brother-in-law. I deleted his posts, and as a preventative measure, un-friended.

I did not whine, then or now. I simply defended, with equanimity, a boundary that had already been tested too many times. Because what my brother-in-law doesn’t realize is that he isn’t saying anything new. I’ve heard this before from multiple sources—and one of them is inside my own head.

Finish reading her post on the Writers in the Storm Blog.

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