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J is for Journey #AtoZChallenge

JJ is for all the places I plan on journeying to 🙂 We’ve been saving to go on abroad once Randy finishes grad school. I’ve been overseas several times, but Randy has only been to the Bahamas for our honeymoon. (If you’re wondering why my face is plastered in mini form on this pic, it’s not because there are tiny mirrors in your computer screen and I’m right behind you. That would be creepy. I used one of my Pinterest boards.)Journey

I love seeing new places because they inspire my imagination. I believe artists can’t keep depicting life without actually living. But staying inside the studio 24/7 is easy to do, especially when there’s a project we’re excited about.

Sometimes having an actual destination to journey to is the best way to remind ourselves to live. Othertimes setting our iphones to go off fifteen minutes earlier to give us a chance to sit outside in the sun does the trick. Journeys come in different forms. All we need to do is keep our eyes open to make sure we live them.

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