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H: H Names I Despise #AtoZChallenge

HPreface: I realize I may offend several people. I deeply apologize. I’m sure your name has deep meaning I’m unaware of and there are perfectly lovely names that begin with “H” like Hope or Hannah.

I don’t even like how the “A” in Abby sounds. However, the only thing I could think of for the letter “H” post was this because h’s make me cringe. Don’t ask. When I was in third grade whenever I saw the color orange I become so nasuated I almost puked. That phase lasted for about six months. Needless to say, I’m weird.HarleysWhile many people have issues with the word moist, I don’t. I hate the letter h. (Fitting that “hate” begins with “h”) It’s especially horrible (also “h”) when it comes to the beginning of a words. Specifically names. Like:

Hugh. (unfortunate because there are great authors with this name.)

Howard/Howie/any variant (Now I’ve insulted Hugh Howey.)


Harry (It took me 3 times to get through the first Harry Potter. That’s how bad my aversion is to Harry.)

Henry. (Ugh. Especially Henry. Boxcar Children anyone? Almost couldn’t watch Once Upon a Time either.)

Harriet. (Harriet the Spy, another great book.)

Hildegard (this one isn’t as bad for me. I think because of the hard syllables. Great mystic.)

If your name starts with an H, I won’t judge you. It’s not your fault. If you have a bunch of spare time and decide to write me an email with alliterative h’s I will laugh, then cry, then vomit. But I will appreciate it.

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  1. Almost all the characters in my novel have names that start with vowels… not sure why exactly, especially considering that I tend to have an aversion to names that start with vowels… no offense, Abby! Maybe it’s the same thing as your aversion to H, except I get to diffuse the effect over five letters.

    1. lol, no offense taken. Almost all my characters begin with hard syllables like “J” and “T” and “D”–then I go back and change over half of them so I don’t have 6 J names

  2. This is really interesting. I guess it happens sometimes but I can’t think of a particular letter I simply don’t like the sound of. And don’t worry Abby, no judgment here! =)

    1. *wipes sweat off forehead* ok good 🙂

      I was just thinking about it–I think Jane Austen had an aversion to “W” names. You notice how her villains tend to start with W?

    1. lol, how did you make out with a L? With such strong H’s for your parentals, I thought you would’ve been cursed with an H too… (not complaining. Less seizures for me :D)

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