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Free Peter Pan Chalkboard sign

Because this is National Reading Month, I thought I’d center this freebie around a literary line that makes me laugh: Peter_PanI picture dirt and trees and maps and then a paper doily with an upturned pinky. I can’t help but smile. It sums up the need for both freedom and my wanna-be British soul.

(Side note: I used to have a large character crush on Peter Pan, many thanks due to the 2003 film version starring Jeremy Sumpter. My innocent heart couldn’t handle his eyes. And then I actually read the book.

Spoiler Alert: Peter Pan’s a brat. He throws tantrums better than a two year old in a supermarket.)

If you like the chalkboard print, you’re more than welcome to take it 🙂 It’s free for you.

Don’t forget to read this month!

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