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Write Fab Back Story: Not BS!

Margie Lawson wrote a guest post on Writers In The Storm blog. Her courses/advice is FANTASTIC. If I had to pick one person who most improved my writing, it’s her. AND she’s giving away a free course to a random commenter. Comment, comment, comment!!

[reblogged from Writers in the Storm blog]

Don’t put BS on your pages!

Write back story that is fresh and compelling.

Readers need some back story. They need to know a few critical points that happened before your story opened. Those points are the motivators for your POV character’s decisions and actions. Those back story points drive your story.

Way too often, back story is stagnant. Flat. Boring.

Agents quit reading.


Writers may think the reader needs all the cool history the writer created. They share it in chunks.

But when back story is shared in chunks, it stops the momentum. Stops the story. Tempts the reader to skim. 

When a reader skims, they’re not engaged. They’re not connected to the characters. They’re not hooked.

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