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Psalm 56 Rewritten for Migraines

Psalm_56_rewrittenMy sexy husband came back from a week-long retreat on Friday. Along with a backpack of sweaty man clothes and greasy hair, he returned with a poem. He had rewritten Psalm 56 for me in the framework of my chronic migraines.

I don’t talk much about what living with chronic pain looks like. Mainly because I’ve found most people tend to shrink away from the ugly parts of life. And pain is very ugly.

I understand.

But If you want a small taste of what chronic pain is like, this poem is precious and sweet and scary-accurate as to how I feel much of the time. I love how it ends on a hopeful note. Because when you live surrounded by ugly, you need a glimpse of beauty to keep going.

I thought I would share it with you.

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