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Prepare for Allegiant by Reviewing #Insurgent

InsurgentOctober 22nd will be here in about two weeks and the last of book of Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy will be released.

I hate forgetting what happened earlier in a series by the time the last book comes out. So instead of cramming 550 pages of Insurgent before Allegiant releases on October 22nd, read this summary to remind yourself of the plot (or read my previous summary of Divergent):

Warning: This is meant to be helpful to those who have already read Insurgent. The following is a summary. Not a review.

*Major Spoilers ahead*

**Turn around now or forever hold your peace**

The book opens immediately after the end of Divergent. Tris and Tobias arrive at the Amity compound seeking refuge. They are welcomed and treated with kindness.

Tris spies on Johanna, the Amity spokesperson, and Marcus. Marcus tells Johanna the Abnegation leaders had information they were willing to risk their lives for, but is unwilling to trust Johanna with it. Tris approaches Marcus about the information, but he refuses to cooperate with her, too.

Tris sees Erudite cars coming toward the Amity compound. They need to run. She crushes the drive with the simulation data and they flee, but not before many of the Abnegation are killed, and she accidentally saves Peter’s life.

They find the factionless, where a surprised Tris discovers Tobias’ mother, Evelyn, is not only alive, but the leader of the factionless. During the night, Tris overhears Tobias and Evelyn, discussing the factionless and their high numbers of Divergent and their desire to usurp the Erudite to instate a factionless government. Evelyn tries to convince Tobias to join them.

They and the Dauntless then go to Candor headquarters, where Tris and Tobias are both placed under the truth serum. Tris admits she killed Will, a burden finally released. But it causes a giant rift in her friendship with Christina. Then the traitor Dauntless attack the Candor headquarters, shooting almost everyone with a simulation inducing serum. Which can only mean one thing: Jeanine finally developed a long term transmitttor.

Jack, the Candor leader, is given an ultimatum by Jeanine. He can keep his faction free if he gives up the Divergent. Instead of complying, Tris and Tobias and the rest of the Dauntless execute Eric, who was caught during the attack, and leave Candor to take back their own headquarters.

Shortly thereafter, Tris is awakened in the night to find three Dauntless under simulation on the roof, ready to jump. They are able to save two. More will die unless one Divergent surrenders to the Erudite.

Tris’ conscience forces her to sneak away during the night and surrender herself. Jeanine does tests on Tris to figure out what makes her Divergent and how to better develop a serum to control other Divergent. To her horror, Tris discovers Tobias has also surrendered himself. And after being tortured, she sees her brother. Caleb has betrayed her to Jeanine.

Tris’ execution day arrives. Peter injects her with the serum, but instead of dying she only is paralyzed. Peter wheels her body into Tobias’ chamber, where she comes to. Peter not only saves her life but helps them break out of Erudite headquarters. He had to repay Tris for saving his life earlier.

They escape to the Abnegation section, where the Dauntless and factionless have joined forces. They decide to attack the Erudite and destroy all their data. Marcus approaches Tris and pleads for her help. If all the Erudite data is destroyed, so is the information the Abnegation leaders died for and Jeanine so desperately wants to keep from the public.

Tris lies to Tobias and, while everyone else is attacking the Erudite, helps Marcus break into Erudite headquarters and rushes up to Jeanine’s secret lab. But they are too late. Tori is already there and kills Jeanine, ending the battle.

When everyone is gathered together, Evelyn usurps Dauntless control. But Tobias has found the information and plays it for everyone to see: Those inside the fence were placed there as a cure against the evils of human nature. A clean slate and a hope. Once there are abundant Divergent, those with flexible minds, the fence may be unlocked and everyone may emerge.

Chaos begins.

That’s where Insurgent ends! Hope this jogged your memory and saved you time. Read my summary of Divergent here. You can pre-order Allegiant here.

Check out Harper Collins’ Browse Inside page to read the first 22 pages of Insurgent for free!

Check out Veronica Roth’s website here.
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