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Hang in There, Sunshine #pain #encouragement

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Hey there Sunshine,

I know the past couple days have been hard.

Sure, the To-Do List got hacked down a couple line items, which is always worth throwing a fiesta in your case. You even managed to research electromagnetic radiation versus nuclear radiation and learned the two aren’t related. I saw the outline of your second book is coming along, too.


But that relationship you’ve been meaning to mend? The silent treatment isn’t going to heal it.

Saw that flinch. Yeah. I know about it. I overheard the fight. Can’t escape those words floating around. They poison the air, Sunshine, and I can’t breathe too well with poison in the air.

I know the migraine pain has been pretty terrible of late, as well. You flopped there in the mod-flower chair, unable to move for hours, computer screen stuck on episodes of Psych. Just behind the Psych window was your character flow-chart and the website for the writing conference you want to attend.

Sunshine, you’re not strong enough to handle to the pain on your own.

You think you are. You even reason, what’s more painful? The pain of handling it on your own or the pain of being vulnerable with others?

I care too much to leave you alone. I can’t stand seeing you lock yourself away anymore as the pain ravages your body. Not while I can be beside you and lend you my strength to fight.

You’ll launch more poison-words and push me away. But I’m just going to ignore you, hold my breath, or plug your mouth with a cork.

Hang in there, Sunshine. I’m coming.

I love you.

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