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Winged Princess #poem #poetry

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I’m experimenting with putting up poetry instead of fiction today (obviously). Feel free to riot as you please.

I wrote this after a boring lunch meeting in Breckenridge, CO. Beautiful place. And they have great burgers for a ski town. A child wandered around outside in a princess dress. I thought, This lunch would be much more interesting if everyone wore costumes. And, I want to be Tinker Bell. 

I don’t remember if there was an actual swing. Just the princess dress. Anyway, that’s the backstory:

Pink princess dress streaming, streaming
like ribbons of a kite tail.
She tipped her head back,
hair rippling like a waterfall stream. Her grin grew
bigger, bigger, swallowing the royal on the swing.
Her daddy’s large hands pushed
pushed her, guiding her soul
into the sky.
She could dance, dance, dance, above the
sharpened wood chips, sand, and earth below.
The music ended, and the dress,
no longer streaming, fluttered in a finale
to her ankles. She
grasped her daddy when he lifted
his princess and
settled her into the
wheelchair; promising
promising, they’ll
next week
to fly

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