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How the Milky Way Makes You Feel Alive

Milky Way

I’ve always wanted to paint the Milky Way. So when Michaels had a crazy canvas sale and I found this goodie for half-price, I knew I had my chance to paint it.

We spent an entire afternoon scraping paint out of our faux-wood floors after I finished flinging stars. (In my defense, not all of it was my mess. A massive glop or three belonged to the hubster.)

I felt so alive when I plopped in front of the starry canvas.

Why do I bring this up?

Stars are a theme in my YA book, 12 (working title). When June sees her first star, her life begins to flip upside down. After receiving a huge emotional (and physical!) blow later, she doesn’t have any hope left. But the sky of stars gives her the courage and strength to keep going.

The scene is small. The impact on June is big. Like they did me, the stars make her feel alive.

I imagine what each of us see in the night sky, what makes us feel alive, is a bit different. I see the above canvas. June sees shattered fragments full of color. You might see the moon following as you drive or the blank inkiness of a peaceful night.

May you be like June this week and find what makes you feel alive. (And feel free to tell me below!)

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