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A Little Encouragement for #Artists and Those in #Pain

your affliction

Randy tore these words out of a magazine during a recent flight with United. I interpreted the last bit as a physical affliction and practically heard a soundtrack of inspirational music playing. I think there is more to the quote, but that’s left behind on a half-torn page flying somewhere around the US:

Affliction. The passion that drives us to reach for greatness. We are inspired by those who live fast and are willing to endure pain and suffering to push the limits of what is possible. You embrace the ideology of “never say ‘I cant’ but ‘I am the first who ever has.'” Your affliction makes you lead when others choose to follow. You create when others consume. You hear music when others hear noise. Your affliction lets you see beyond the chaos as art emerges from within. You will rise, you will fall, but you will greet the challenge.

 The first bit is harder for me to embrace. I’m learning that pushing my body into the pain and suffering isn’t healthy. While I may be capable of living the fast-paced life, doing so isn’t good for holistic living. When my life becomes out of balance, so does my body.

I understand the quote isn’t talking about physical pain, but I have trouble reading about affliction and suffering without connecting it to the physical. Can’t I strive to create great art while trying to live slower and migraine/headache-free?

Maybe this is just something people who wrestle with chronic pain do.

Either way, I hope you find these words as inspiring as I do. Good find, Randy.

May we all wrestle through our brokenness and pain to create something beautiful.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. This quote was as water to my soul today. I read it as you did; how true it can be that suffering clears the noise and reveals that which is true life!

    1. Amanda, I loved how you phrased that “clears the noise”

      I think suffering definitely has a way of filtering out what is valuable and true in someone’s life 🙂

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